Gold Dog Jewelry

If a dog is man's best friend, a diamond is a girl's best friend, what could be better than jewelry meant to honor our precious pups. It is great to have a reminder with you wherever you go.

From hanging and Italian charms, to earrings and pendants, the selection of dog-inspired jewelry is as bountiful as a puppy's love for its new owner. Jewelry that honors a particular dog breed is very common, whether for a necklace or cell phone strap.

Gold Dog Jewelry:
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Dog Sayings, Quote and Trivia (add to gifts)

  • I have puppy love for you!
  • You are more loyal than a dog.
  • I'll learn new tricks for you.
  • I love to wag my tail for you!
  • I'm glad to be a member of your pack.
  • Make no bones about it ... I'm in love with you!
  • You're my best friend.
  • Home wouldn't be he same without you.
  • "I can't think of anything that brings me closer to tears than when my old dog -- completely exhausted after a hard day in the field -- limps away from her nice spot in front of the fire and comes over to where I'm sitting and puts her head in my lap, a paw over my knee, and closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. I don't know what I've done to deserve that kind of friend." -- Gene Hill

  • Dogs are very social animals. (I love being social with you!)


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Here are several really good ebooks that are helpful. For other dog lover gifts see Dog Jewelry.

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Dog Poems

    A little Dog that wags his tail
    by Emily Dickinson

    A little Dog that wags his tail
    And knows no other joy
    Of such a little Dog am I
    Reminded by a Boy

    Who gambols all the living Day
    Without an earthly cause
    Because he is a little Boy
    I honestly suppose --

    The Cat that in the Corner dwells
    Her martial Day forgot
    The Mouse but a Tradition now
    Of her desireless Lot

    Another class remind me
    Who neither please nor play
    But not to make a "bit of noise"
    Beseech each little Boy --

    from Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling

    When the Man waked up he said,
    'What is Wild Dog doing here?'
    And the Woman said,
    'His name is not Wild Dog any more,
    but the First Friend,
    because he will be our friend
    for always and always and always.
    Take him with you when you go hunting.'