April Birthstone

April birthstone jewelry is traditionally made with diamonds or synthetic diamonds. Diamonds symbolize purity, eternal love and faith. If you really don't want to buy diamond jewelry, you can choose alternate April Birthstones listed later such as Opal, Sapphire or Quartz. Additionally, April Zodiac Sign Stones give you a much larger selection of gemstones to choose, if desired.

April birthstone rings are considered extra special as they are worn were the wearer may see the birth stone and be reminded of it all day. Mystical sources say that birthstones lend the wearer the virtues needed for their birth lessons. Though we can not prove that is so, they are beautiful gifts given with love.

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April Birthstones

Color is noted next to birth stone name.

  • Modern Birthstone - Diamond (White, Clear)
  • Traditional Birthstone - Diamond (White, Clear)
  • Mystical Birthstone - Opal (White or Black - both with hints of other colors)
  • Ayurvedic Birthstone - Diamond (White, Clear)
  • 15th - 20th Century Birthstones - Diamond (White), Sapphire (Blue)
  • Other Birthstones from the internet - Quartz (White), White Sapphire (White)

A Gregorian Birthstone Poem says this for this month:

    She who from April dates her years,
    Diamonds shall wear,
    lest bitter tears
    For vain repentance flow.

April Zodiac Birthstones

Stone for each Star Sign for this month:

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April Birthstones * April Starstones * Books
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