July Birthstone

July birthstone jewelry is commonly made with rubies. Rubies stand for love, devotion and good health. If you want to use a different gemstone for someone born in July, consider using a July Zodiac Star Sign Stone. It is interesting how many birthstone sources agree that Ruby is the July birthstone. Every other month has much more variety.

If you decide to go with Ruby, you can include that it is also the Gem of Summer (see Gems of the Seasons). For more facts and lore, click on the gemstone links under July Birthstones.

Generally, we don't give any attention to mystical symbols surrounding birthstones, but we can still enjoy them and their beauty.

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July Birthstones

Color is noted next to birth stone name.

  • Modern Birthstone - Ruby (Red)
  • Traditional Birthstone - Ruby(Red)
  • Mystical Birthstone - Ruby (Red)
  • Ayurvedic Birthstone - Ruby (Red)
  • 15th-20th Century Birthstone - Onyx (Black), Turquoise (Blue)
  • Other Birthstone (from elsewhere on the internet) - Carnelian (Orange)

A Gregorian Birthstone poem states these as birthstone benefits:

    The gleaming Ruby should adorn,
    All those who in July are born,
    For thus they'll be exempt and free,
    From lover's doubts and anxiety.

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July Birthstones * July Starstones * Books
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