March Birthstone

March birthstone jewelry is most often made of Aquamarine though there are many birthstone choices for March. Aquamarine is said to symbolize happiness and understanding. The traditional birthstone is Bloodstone which is extremely affordable. The mystical birthstone is Jade which is a favorite stone among several Asian cultures. For even more options, see March Birthstones and March Zodiac Sign Starstones.

A March birthstone ring would allow the wearer to gaze at Aquamarine and get the full impact of a stones mystical powers (such as understanding and happiness) according to gemstone lore.

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March Birthstones

Color is noted next to birth stone name.

  • Modern Birthstone - Aquamarine (Blue)
  • Traditional Birthstone - Bloodstone (Green with Red Markings)
  • Mystical Birthstone - Jade (Green)
  • Ayurvedic Birthstone - Bloodstone (Green with Red Markings)
  • Other Birthstone - Rock Crystal (White, Clear)

Add a piece from a Gregorian Birthstone Poem:

    By her who in March was born
    No gem save Bloodstone shall be worn
    They will ensure her constancy
    True friendship and fidelity.

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