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Since time immemorial, jewelry has been used as an ornament to the body. Our forefathers have also associated the use of jewelry for religious purposes. Based on origin, "jewelry" is rooted from the term "jewel" and it comes from the Latin name "jocale" which refers to a plaything. The jewelry is composed of the ornaments which are often used by people to define their rank in the society, to show off their wealth, or simply to adhere to the current fashion. The modern day pieces of body jewelry range from the rubies, diamonds, emeralds, solitaire, sapphires, and the valuable metals of platinum, silver, and gold. Meanwhile, the line of costume jewelry is often composed of the less costly metals including stainless steel, plastic, wood, glass, and ivory. Metals used for both types of jewelry include: titanium and tungsten.

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The most popular pieces of jewelry for the body include the necklaces, rings, bracelets, pins, and many more. Yet contrary to what many of us are accustomed with, the abovementioned pieces of jewelry are not simply worn but they are more of attached to the body by means of piercing. Every culture varies according to the practice. Piercing is not only an American thing or so. It actually exists in all countries regardless of religion, age, or even race of the wearers. The most popular body jewelry for beginners comprise of anklets, nose studs, tongue rings, belly button rings, belly chains, nose rings, and pieces of titanium body jewelry.

Piercing for Body Jewelry

Body piercing has been practiced by our ancestors as well so it is a bit unfair to brand it as a practice that has been popularized by the hip hop or hard core metal group fanatics. Clear enough, the use of the body jewelry poses a great importance not only in terms of religion but in line with self-expression and fashion trend as well. The piercing can either be that of the shy type or the bolder one.

The changing of the times has turned the people to become more daring especially as they try to convey their feelings and thoughts. The use of the body jewelry for beginners can be quite a tedious task since they have to go through the piercing tradition. The conventional piercing is administered on the ear which is common for the men and women, young and old alike. Again, with the turn of the tides in line with fashion, the belly button, the nose, and the tongue likewise get the piercing. Furthermore, the world has paved way to the general use of the anklets, nose studs, tongue rings, belly button rings, belly chains, nose rings, and titanium body jewelry.

The practice of piercing can never be held compatible for all people. There are some who brave to go under the procedure in their attempt to look good, be in style, and display the variety of body jewelry at all times. This however doesn.t come fit for those who are unsure with their choice.

Hence, getting the body jewelry piercing allows you to experiment with all types of body jewelry. Just be sure that you know what you are doing before plunging into such decision.

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