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Today, when almost everything is innovating and improving, all people also try to go with that flow. Fashion is one way of expressing a person's modernity. It is based on his or her fashion statements whether they are considered in or not. Another means of following the trends and decorating oneself is by piercing. Body piercing is an act of puncturing a part of one's body making a small opening in which a kind of jewelry could be worn. Fashion, subculture, spirituality and religion are some of the ethnical norms reflected in body piercing.

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The most commonly pierced body part is the ears. Ear piercing has been applied since prehistoric times, particularly in tribal societies. Aside from the usual ear piercing, there are also the extraordinary ones, such as lip piercing, nose piercing, belly piercing, and tongue piercing. Though, belly piercing is the most popular and most interesting for the females, especially when they have curves.

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Belly button piercing (also referred as navel piercing) is a kind of body piercing which was popularized by influential cultures including the media. It first hit the prevailing current of thought when a model, Christy Turlington, showed off her belly piercing during a fashion show held in London. After that, it continues striking popularity when it was also displayed by some famous artists in their music videos and commercials. The easy camouflaging of the belly piercing in clothes is also one of the factors why young people, usually from ages twelve and upwards, extensively adopted this kind of piercing.


There are lots of various kinds of belly rings available for everyone's belly piercing. Those that are made from stainless steel are said to be the best belly jewelry for the reason that they are easier to disinfect. Alternately, titanium is hypoallergenic which is essential for many people so should be considered. Some people enjoy the look of 14K gold which works well after the initial healing has occured.


Anyway, they are many types of belly jewelry for you. CBR (captive ball ring) and barbells are the top choices in the world of belly jewelries. The belly rings are known to be safer to use than any kind; while barbells has wide varieties - simple belly barbells, belly barbells with cute dangling pendants, and belly barbells with fastened belly chains.


You might be lured by barbells, but rings are easier to maintain and also could cure faster. You could turn belly rings and unsoiled the entire length of it better than if you were to obtain barbells, but once your belly have already recovered, you could always turn to barbells.

Healing Time

The healing process may take about six months up to as long as twelve months. If you like to change belly jewelries, be certain to get it done by an expert as they are more experienced than you.

Non-pierced Options

On the other hand, if you don't have your navel pierced or you just don't want to get hurt by the process of piercing your navels, to have clip-on earrings is a good idea. Clip-on belly rings are indeed harmless because you would not suffer from any problems commonly arising with pierced bellies, such as to have a yellow discharge, to develop rashes or any infections after the method, to form lumps or bumps at the base of the area, and for the area to bleed and crack even it is already more than a week old.

Ask a Doctor First

Belly rings are certainly trendy accessories to have in one's body. Belly button rings add glamour, beauty, and a bit of flirtation, particularly in women. Although, it is also important to remember that before letting your navels be pierced, make sure that you are ready and you could take care of yourself, especially the pierced body part to eschew any skin problems and bleeding. Moreover, consulting first an expert piercer or a personal doctor is always reasonable as every one is different.

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