Diamond Belly Rings

Belly rings are one of the most popular jewelry choices. However, to make your navel pierce more interesting, you should know what design best suits your personality. This article will give you an idea on the types of jewelry and guide you in selecting the most engaging navel jewelry for you.

Diamond Belly Rings:

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Belly Bars

When dealing with a navel piercing, you should note that there are a few selections in the form of jewelry. The most appreciated and utilized belly rings are known as a navel or belly bar. This bar is coiled and has a huge ball positioned within the belly bottom and a smaller ball is positioned at the other end. The smaller ball is commonly the one that is detached to place in the jewelry, though some designs allow the large ball to be disengaged. There are different types of navel bars that can range from simple balls only to complicated versions like double embellished titanium bars. Some may even contain gems, dangles and other crystals.

Dangle Navel Bars

Other types of belly rings are the dangle navel bars. These types elicit a dangle that hangs from the ball from the bottom part, though the dangle can also come from the apex. This is the best navel pierce jewelry for those who have piercing that are not placed appropriately because the dangle droops over the pierced area to hide it. If you have chosen to get pierced on your bottom navel rather than the top part, you may also take this navel ring into consideration.

Spiral Rings

The second most purchased and utilized belly rings are the spiral rings. These jewelries for your navel appear like a spherical barbell, wherein the balls can be twisted off from the spiral ring to allow an easy insertion. You can choose from the different styles and designs available in the market. These kinds of navel jewelries are the most excellent choice if your piercing is deep and profound because they can perfectly fit your navel even if it is not properly penetrated.

Ball Closure Rings

If your piercing is just new, ball closure rings are oftentimes utilized because they can be effortlessly rotated and uncomplicated to clean. The ball remains in its place due to the pressure coming from the two end sides of the ring. To keep the balls firmly placed in the ring, they have pits on either side. The ring is appended by lining up one dimple through the ring.s edge and by pushing the ball to the other dimple. Ball closure belly rings should be placed and removed with the help from other person to avoid infections, especially if the piercing is not completely healed.


Horseshoes also known as circular barbells may be your best navel ring if you want a belly jewelry that looks exactly like a ring. The designs of these jewelries exhibit a round barbell rivet used in putting on and off the piece from the navel. There are different jewelry sizes to suit every pierce lovers. preferences. The normal thickness for a navel ring is fourteen gauge or 1.6mm with the standard length of 3/8 inches or 10mm. For initial piercing, a 12mm barbell is utilized to permit swelling.

Belly Button Rings

Belly rings can be made using different materials, wherein the best pieces should contain PTFE, gold, acrylic, titanium or high-quality surgical steel. Navel bars normally exhibit an 8mm bottom ball together with a top ball of 5mm. Depending on your choice, you can ask for balls that are larger or smaller than the usual.

You should appropriately choose the most appropriate navel rings for your piercing because it can make a huge difference to your appearance but ultimately to your overall health. With the broad range of belly bars and rings, for sure you can get the design that go well with your sense of style and budget.

Diamond Belly Rings

If you want the most elegant belly button ring available, a diamond belly ring is what to get. This is the best type of belly ring available.

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