Gold Belly Rings

Gold jewelry is one of the most prized possessions of not only women but as well as men. Jewelry can be found in different parts of the body. There is the ring, which goes in the hands. Earrings are obviously used for the ears and the necklace for the neck. Bracelets are worn around the wrists and so on. However, there are some unusual ways of wearing jewelry. One of these said unusual ways is the wearing of navel jewelry.

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Navel Jewelry

Navel jewelry came about in the early 90s when superstar models Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington appeared in public with belly button rings. During those times, Alicia Silverstone was also seen in the Cryin' video of Aerosmith being pierced in the navel. Britney Spears, during the age of her ultimate stardom, also sported a belly ring as seen in some of her music videos. Since then, millions of girls were said to be visiting piercing parlors to follow the trends of their idols.

Popular Piercings

Over the years, belly piercing was not peculiar anymore. As a matter of fact, it is considered a usual piercing such as ear piercing. People do not consider it to be in the level of other piercing classes such as tongue, facial, body and surface piercing. Girls have their navels pierced during their early ages, usually around fourteen years old. They start out young and since they see the celebrities having the same piercing, they tend to imitate them. The parents, no matter how hard they try, just cannot seem to control their children.

Belly ring is a modern innovation and was not recorded in the primitive cultures. It is recognized as a sensitive part of the body. Belly rings are one, if not the most popular form of piercing. No other kind of piercing has made such a mark on the piercing scene like the belly rings. If you ask someone on what they feel about belly rings, they will respond to it saying they feel more attractive. Fashion designers are aware of this trend as well. In fact, the popularity of belly rings paved way for the manufacturing of low waist jeans. These jeans are designed to flaunt the belly button and the piercing in it.

Types of Belly Button Rings

There are several types of belly rings. There are the dangling belly rings, diamond belly rings and the gold belly rings. This article is focused on the latter, the gold belly rings. Typically, there are two kinds of gold belly rings. The first kind is the 14 karat yellow gold belly ring while the other kind is the 14 karat white gold. To make the designs of these belly rings more attractive and marketable, customization is being applied. The designers of belly rings enhance the looks of the belly rings by adding stones, charms, crystals and other possible decorations. Some of the most usual stones and ornaments that are added to the gold belly rings are topaz, diamond, amethyst, emerald and CZs.


The average gauge size for the gold belly rings is fourteen gauges. As for the bar lengths, the most common size are: 3/8 inches for the small standard size, 7/16 inches for the medium standard and the 1/2 inches for the long standard size. This is for the heavy weight gold belly rings. There is also a lightweight gold belly rings. The standard measurements of lightweight gold belly rings are similar to the heavy weight gold belly rings.

High Fashion

Gold belly rings are very popular indeed. Often yellow gold looks richer and doesn't have the nickel that stainless steel has. Gold belly rings and belly button rings in general can be expencive due to the materials. Customized or designer belly rings have higher values compared to the ordinary belly rings.

It is entirely up to you to choose what type of gold belly ring you want to purchase and wear. Gold belly button rings can be a geat way to express yourself.

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