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A nose jewel is one of the most common varieties of body piercing jewelry after earrings. Nose jewelry has been used mostly by women since biblical times, but today men are also having their nose pierced for a nose stud or ring.

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The first step before a person can choose whether to wear a nose stud or ring is to decide which part or parts of the nose he or she wants to be pierced. There are three parts of the nose which may be pierced for jewelry: the nostrils, the nasal septum or the cartilaginous area between the nose, and the bridge of the nose.

Which Nostril?

Today, nostril piercing is performed on either the left or right nostril. Now popular in the US, the Caribbean, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia, nostril piercings are popular in both sexes, although they are much more common among women. There are several choices of nostril rings. Among popular alternatives are the loop, the nose stud with an L-bar closure, the stud with a flat backing and the stud with a ball closure.

Septum Piercings

In nasal septum piercing, the procedure is done on the small gap between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose and not on the cartilage itself. The initial hole pierced for the nasal septum is typically 14 gauge (1.6 mm) which is often stretched to a larger gauge later. Depending on an individual's tolerance to pain, these nose piercings can be painful because there are many nerve endings running through this body organ.

Nose Piercing Healing Time

The piercing may heal within a month and half to three months, again depending on an individual and the care extended to the piercing. Stretching the piercing won.t hurt as much as the initial procedure. However, the piercing should only be done 1 mm at a time and it is advisable to wait at least one month between stretches.

Inital Studs

Initial jewelry in a fresh piercing should ideally be made of surgical stainless steel and titanium. A gold nose ring as initial jewelry is not advisable, despite popular belief that it is safe in a fresh piercing. Being a soft metal, gold is prone to dents and scratches that can harbor bacteria and irritate piercings. Once the nose piercing is healed, 14 kt gold nose studs, screws and rings are very fashionable.

In several piercing shops, only internally-threaded jewelry is used as an initial nose stud. In this type of initial jewelry, it is the ball ends which screw into the bar rather than vice versa. This type of jewelry is more expensive and difficult to make but it has the advantage of allowing for a safer healing as there are no sharp threads on the end of the bar that could cut or irritate the skin with the insertion of the device.

Nasal Septum Jewelry

Several types of jewelry can be generally worn in a nasal septum piercing. One type of nose ring is the captive bead ring with a bead at the center and secured by the tension of the ring. Another choice is a circular bar with a bead that screws on to either end. Or one can opt for either a pincher or a "tusk", a shaped or straight piece of material which generally tapers on either end. If a person has a large-gauge septum, the ideal choice would be plugs which do not weigh the wearer's nose down and helps in the healing process as sudden movement of the jewelry will not affect the septum.

A staple-shaped septum retainer is yet another option. This nose stud hides easily as the wearer may desire. An ordinary septum piercing jewelry can also be hidden by flipping it inside the nostrils, but this could be quite uncomfortable.

Nose Bridge Piercings

The third type of nose piercing is done on the bridge of the nose. The piercings are inserted through the narrow skin flap at the top of the nose between the eyes, and never goes through the bone. The most common jewelry paraphernalia used in this piercing are curved and straight barbells, with seamless rings as the less common choice. With the generally high rate of rejection in bridge piercing, it is the least common among the body piercings involving the nose.

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