How to Care for Belly Rings

Belly piercing became much more popular once singers showed them off in their music videos. After that, the youth, especially by the young female ones, get piercings to imitate it from these icons. As time goes by, belly piercing became atypical and humbly accepted by different societies all around the world. It is not as strange as what people looked at it before. Now, people of all ages get their bellys pierced.

Belly Button Rings:

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Belly Jewelry Metals

Belly button rings are created and designed using gold, titanium, white gold, silver and nobium. Luminous add-ons for these rings include amethysts, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and pearls. Avoid gold-plated or silver-plated navel piercing jewelry as they are more likely to cause irritation.

Belly Piercing Care Information

Once navel piercing became a hit, some excited customers just went to piercing parlors without even learning the slightest bit of information about belly piercings and how to take care of them. Hopefully, the piercers advise their clients of good care tips and how to properly dress in their belly rings. If they haven't or you want to know more about belly piercing care, here are some practical tips to help you understand how to keep pierced navels clean and healthy.

  • Many women are mesmerized by the beautifulness of their navel rings, but sorry to say, you should just touch it when you have to clean it. Touching it more often may lead to serious infections, and you don't want to have those, right?

  • Inside the bathroom, below the shower is the best place to wash your piercing. Let the lukewarm run fall above your piercing. Just above it, not absolutely on it because the water pressure could exasperate the skin.

  • When you are enjoying the shower, froth your hands with sterile medical grade soap, and then, rinse.

  • Use a moist Q-tip to smoothly brush away the dead crusting surrounding the piercing. After that, let air dry the belly piercing.

  • If you want to replace your belly ring with a new one, it is safe to do it only after your piercing is already fully healed. Changing navel rings is best done by the piercers, so let them do that job.

  • A number of people find that Purified Ocean Salt Water after every shower enables faster healing.

  • Wear comfortable, clean, breathable clothes which could shield your piercing during sleeping time. Make it also sure that your bed sheets are dirt free, and change your bedding often.

  • Safeguard your piercing with a hard, vented eye patch which is tenable by using a piece of ace bandage covering the body - to eschew inflammation from adhesives. This dapple is used to guard the pierced region from restraining clothing, extra irritation, and collision when having physical activities such as sports and doing household chores.

  • Keeping a navel ring in your piercing at all times if possible. Even a purely healed piercing can close anytime easily. As such, keep a spare sterile replacement in case of unintentional loss.

If one follows these guidelines, he or she have a good chance of avoiding possible painful problems, such as excessive bleeding, allergic reaction, keloids, cross contamination, and infections. The chance of the mentioned risks may seem small, but they are painful if enough attention is not given. You must be aware on what to expect and proper care, so learn and practice these tips when you get any kind of piercing.

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