Lip Rings

If you want to get lip piercings, you should be aware of the lip piercing basics. This type of body piercing procedure penetrates either the surrounding of your lips or your lips, normally performed in variety of ways. Some choose to wear pairs of piercings in their lips. The number of jewelries on your lips gives you to opportunity to exhibit your personality the right way. If you are already decided that you are getting this type of piercing, you should note that the healing term for it lasts around three to four weeks.

Lip Rings:

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Lip piercing is only done in the darker pink part of your lip, thus steering clear of the mouth tissue in your upper and lower lips. The usual form of jewelry used in this piercing procedure is created in ring-style shape to prevent it from coming in contact with your gums and teeth. Knowing the lip piercing basics will let you distinguish what type of jewelries you should wear to prevent any tear in your lips. soft tissue. You can choose from different jewelry styles, sizes and colors for this piercing type. Keep in mind that the style of your jewelry will ultimately depend on the piercing procedure that you prefer. The usual choices include labrets, lip rings and barbells.


Labret is both a pierce style and jewelry's name. It is a stud containing a smooth disc in the back to prevent it from reaching the gums and tooth enamel. You should be aware that inappropriate placement of the jewelry can cause serious damage to your lips, gums and teeth. You should also learn about vertical labret as a part of understanding the lip piercing basics. It is a highly appreciated form of labret piercing. This is used in piercing the lower lip by utilizing the top portion of the jewelry while the bottom end goes back out on your skin just below your lip. Both of the labret's ends are seen. Philtrum piercing on the other hand integrates using a labret in the middle of the skin on top of your upper lip between two upright lines.

Lip Piercing Styles

The following are the different sets of piercing techniques otherwise known as "bites" that you should know when understanding the lip piercing basics.

  • Viper-bites piercing - the placement of two piercings jointly on any of the lower lip's sides.
  • Cyber-bites piercing - delineated by a labret and a medusa beneath the lower lip.
  • Spider-bites piercing - two piercings positioned on one side of the lower lip. This can also be carried out using the snakebites techniques with a central labret piercing stuck between them.
  • Snakebites piercing- composed of two piercings situated on each of the lower lip's side.
  • Canine-bites piercing - also recognized as the anti-bites piercing in the lip piercing basics guide, exhibits four piercings that include angel-bites and snakebites.
  • Whiskers - also known as angel-wings and angel-bites piercing, this is the opposite version of snakebites, wherein one piercing is positioned on each of the upper lip's side.

Lip Care

When the pierced area is already healed, you may notice some scar tissues, though the fistula in that lip region is usually first to develop. To avoid infections, you should strictly carry out the aftercare guidelines that include using saline soaks two to three times everyday. You should perform the soaking process for about two to five minutes to soften the lymph and blood discharges attached with your piercing jewelry.

Lip piercing basics will let you know that this type of piercing is not prone to infection as you initially think. In actual fact, your saliva is considered as a natural mouthwash that elicits effective antibacterial components. It eradicates anaerobic bacteria and consequently washes them off your lips. Although, this takes place automatically, you must still carry out the aftercare recommendations. During the healing period, you should not smoke, drink alcohol, kiss, sleep facing the bed and you must not in any away fiddle with your new lip piercing with your tongue.

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