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Fashion refers to the manner of clothing oneself prevalent in a specific time. The word "fashion" epitomizes the manifestation of clothing, yet the usage covers more. Many types of fashion are famous in various cultures and societies depending on what kind of civilization they have. Dying the hair, polishing the nails, putting make-ups in face, tattooing the body, and piercing any body part are all magnificent elements in the fashion world.

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One of the most well-known among the fashion statements which have the purpose of beautifying one's body is the body piercing. It includes ear piercing, tongue piercing, lip piercing, and the most adopted by the youth, nose piercing. All of these were easily popularized by the famous faces in show businesses.

Historical References

In the Bible, from the book of Genesis 24:22, the servant of Abraham gave Rebeka, wife of Isaac (Abraham's son), ten bracelets and golden nose jewelry of a shekel weight. Because of this line from the Bible, it just proves that nose piercing has been usual among Middle Eastern nomadic groups, and had migrated to India around the 16th Century A.D.

In India, it is a routine to already wear a nose stud for Indian women of childbearing age. It is commonly pierced in the left nostril due to the nostril's connection with the reproductive organs of a female.

Nose Piercing

The process of getting a nose piercing can be painful so it is essential to be aware of the best kind of nose jewelry for you. There are two prime kinds of nostril jewelry: the rings and the studs. If your piercing is still fresh, nose rings are your best bet. It is so simple to clean that you could just turn it over to wash it easier.

Nose Studs: Bones and Screws

Meanwhile, nose studs came into two types: the nose bones and the nose screws. Nose bones have a small bead at the bottom for it to keep from falling. Nose screws are twisted to stick in place. Majority of piercers advocate customers to use nose screws instead of nose bones. At your first time experience, they surely would not let nose bones to be your first nose jewelry. That said, it seems that many stores call all variants of nostril jewelry simply as "nose rings" even though many are really nose studs.


When a nose piercing has already healed, you may switch immediately to nose rings for a new appearance. Aside from the mentioned advantage it has - easy to clean and maintain - perhaps, it is also the easiest of all to remove and restore, as it merely involves slithering the nose ring around an empty gap and them slithering it entirely out of your nose.


Due to the fame nose rings have, the selling of various kinds of this are also widespread in shops and in the online community. Experts likely said to stick to nose rings which are made from titanium, nobium, operative grade stainless steel, and gold. Those that are made from sterling silvers are also good but also tend to trouble lots of clients when used in their nostrils.


Nose rings could have colorful crystals or even brilliant gemstones inlayed in them. To have gold with diamonds is also a very famous option, though it is more expensive. Keep in mind to purchase the correct measure and weigh for your nose piercing, and clean those thoroughly before replacing your nose rings.

Nasal Piercing Care

As many benefits as it may seems to have amazing nose rings, still, be careful with the many types of minor diseases that you could suffer to, such as allergies and runny noses. If your nose rings are still new, be vigilant when blowing your nose; but if your nose rings are less than four months old, it would be tender and be vulnerable to infections as well. Keep your hands off of the piercing and don.t ever pinch it rigidly when wipe with a tissue. Clean the piercing often to get rid on any dirt build-ups and tissue debris. Use whichever cleaning technique your piercer told you, like the Ocean saline spray or a Hibiclens.

For you to eschew any illness you could have to your nose piercing, wash your hands before and after stroking your nose, even if it is already settled. Moreover, use a germ-free lubricant on the tip of your nose rings to help in effortless insertion.

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