Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets, also known as anklets, are wonderful and fun pieces of jewelry. As a bold golden chain drapes around your ankle, it adds mystery and attitude to a normally ignored part of the body. It can be a simple, delicate chain or an elaborate anklet with tiny gemstones and charms attached. Either way, an anklet truly transforms your lower leg and foot into a new focal point -- a curious attention grabber.

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Like bracelets and necklaces, gold and silver anklets come in all sizes and designs, from dainty to daring. Many are sold as fine jewelry. 14K gold or Sterling Silver, with genuine gemstone accompaniments. They also come as fashion quality at a lower average price.

The array of anklets available is so diverse -- from crafts made while leisurely lying by the lake, to camps to fine jewelry sold at choice boutiques. When choosing ankle jewelry, know that the options are endless.

If you plan to participate in activities on the beach while wearing an anklet, a leather anklet will often last longer for those types of activities. Alternatively, delicate gold or silver ankle bracelets look best for going to fancy dinners and events.

Buying Tips

When shopping for ankle jewelry, pay close attention to the clasp. You want something durable so the anklet is not lost if your other foot comes into rough contact with it. And, if it is crafted of a fine metal and gemstones, avoid water and be sure to properly clean your investment.