Bangle Bracelets

Sunlight or nightlight will eagerly dance across your wrist when wearing either a single bangle or a collection of the solid bracelets stacked purposely along the wrist. Bangles have taken center stage as the latest fun and sexy way to accentuate the wrist without going broke in the process.

Bangle Bracelets:

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Bangles come in all widths and are made of value fashion metals and fine precious metals alike. Though most bangles are circular, some take on other geometric shapes from squares to octagons.

High-fashion Bangles can be a heavy cuff adorned with genuine gemstones or Cubic Zirconia, finely etched or cut through with a precise design. Lighter, 24k Gold layered bangles and Sterling Silver bangles are popular choices for those who want to spend more on the lasting fashion.

Identification bracelets commonly fall into the Bangle category because of their width. Expanding bangles for babies are also big sellers, as are personalized bangles created for special occasions in a child's life, family recognition and men's bangles.

Wearing multiple bangles is fashionable and fun. However, make sure that the bangles you wear together will not harm each other when they inevitably rub against each other.

Always remove bangle bracelets before doing dishes, cleaning, swimming, gardening, and make up application.