Birthstone Bracelets

Birthstones have been seen for centuries as a way to give someone good luck on their birthday. Each month has a stone associated with it according to a birthstone chart. The chart most commonly accepted is the modern stone chart which was adopted in 1912. In addition to the Modern Birthstones, there are also many older birthstone traditions listed. Choosing from one of the older charts may give a gift more significance but any stone given is sure to be appreciated.

A beautiful way to give a birthstone as a gift is to purchase a birthstone bracelet. This offers the opportunity for either several of one stone or one of several different stones to be worn in one birthstone bracelet. Most jewelers design bracelets according to the Modern Birthstone Chart.

Birthstone Bracelets:

The Modern Birthstone Chart is as follows:
June:Pearl, Moonstone
October:Opal, Tourmaline
November:Yellow Topaz, Citrine
December:Blue Topaz, Turquoise

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Birthstone bracelets are also wonderful ways to celebrate a new addition to the family. Stones can be added onto a bracelet much easier than other types of jewelry. This makes it easy to have a stone placed in the bracelet for everyone in the family.

Keeping Birthstone Bracelets Beautiful

Birthstone bracelets are very simple to maintain. Cleaning jewelry is a great way to keep a beautiful shine. Keeping jewelry clean is easy and can be done at home purchasing jewelry cleaner at any major department store. If an individual wishes for the cleaning to be done professionally he or she needs only to bring the birthstone bracelet to any jeweler.

Another great way to keep birthstone bracelets in excellent condition is to remove them before prolonged contact with water and before playing sports. Water can wear down the gold or silver that birthstones are typically cased in and can cause damage. Contact sports are typically not good for jewelry in any case. However, some sports, such as golf, may not be so rough that the individual needs to remove birthstone bracelets. The individual should exercise proper judgment when determining whether or not to remove any jewelry worn.

Birthstone bracelets are beautiful pieces of jewelry. Each bracelet is somehow unique to the wearer. Giving someone a birthstone bracelet means that a gift of sentimental value is being given, one that will be cherished for years to come.