Bracelet Buying Tips

Getting the Best Bracelet for You

Buying a bracelet that will be worn for years to come can be challenging. Ideally, you want a bracelet that fits you, looks great, and matches your lifestyle. Some bracelets will naturally look better on your wrist. Use this advice to find a bracelet that matches you best.

  1. Bracelet or Bangle Width

    Picking a band to enhance your wrist is straight forward. Often, a wide bracelet looks better on larger wrists and a narrow bracelet is looks nicer on smaller wrists. You can make a charm brackelet appear wider by adding large charms.

    When choosing the bracelet, length adds length, width adds width. A bracelet that is too narrow may disappear on a large-boned, wide wrist. Consider a medium-width band with an interesting inset design.

  2. How Loose?

    A bangle should go on comfortable and not slide off unintentionally. A bracelet should fit well enough that it won't "catch" on anything. Many bracelets are adjustable which helps on this. If it is not adjustable, often jewelers will resize a bracelet (for a fee).

    If you accidently try on a bangle that is too small, applying lubricant such as soap or oil to your wrist and hand will usually help. Generally, by getting your hands to be slippery, the bangle will slide off easier. Gently twist the bangle upwards to remove it.

  3. Setting

    If you are active in sports, be certain that your bracelets will not catch on things. Often this means very smooth bracelets or channel set bracelets. Alternately, take off your braelets and bangles before sports.

  4. Durability

    When you buy high quality bracelets and bangles, they last. Use our Bracelet Quality Guide for Choosing High Quality Bracelets. This guide will enable you to get the most value for your money.

  5. Colors

    If you are buying a bracelet with colors, you may desire to choose the colors you wear most often. This way your bracelet color coordinate your jewelry with more of your outfits. See our Gemstones By Color chart to help you find gemstones of specific colors.

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The easiest way to find out your wrist size is to use a loose string and then measure the string with a ruler. The most common size for bracelets is 7 inches but you can often special order bracelets of alternate sizes.