Diamond Bracelets

Diamonds are often used as a symbol of love and beauty. Their sparkle and shine is virtually unmatched. They are glamourous, beautiful stones to have wrapped around ones wrist in a bracelet. Diamond bracelets are loved by people around the world.

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What Makes Diamonds So Special?

There are many different reasons that diamonds are special. These gems are the hardest to natural substance known to man and yet also one of the most beautiful. They are rare. When cut, diamonds sparkle brilliantly.

Types of Diamond Bracelets

The traditional diamond bracelet is a diamond tennis bracelet. This type of bracelet has many diamonds surrounding the wrist on a flexible bracelet. The more modern diamond bangle bracelet is on a metal hoop that surrounds the wrist. Either type of bracelet is fabulously beautiful and will be treasured. There is also the diamond cuff bracelet which usually has other gemstones included.

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Diamond Information

Diamonds have become increasingly popular since the ability to mine and cut them properly has been refined since the 19th century. Their popularity has also increased due to great advertising by companies that sell them, and the fact that they are hard enough for daily wear. These gems are generally judged on the four C's. These four C's include carat, clarity, color, and cut.

Carat is essentially the weight of the diamond; one carat is defined as 200 mg. Clarity is a measure of its defects; defects observed under 10x magnification are counted. While the definition of color may seem straightforward, it is important to note that depending on the level of color, it can either detract or add to the its value. Slight bits of color will detract from its value, whereas large amounts of color will add to it. The cut of the diamond is not the its shape; it is actually the quality of workmanship that is apparent in how it has been cut.

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Diamond Care

Always check if the stones are set securely in your diamond bracelet. If you but a well made bracelet, there will be no movement in any of the diamond stones.

If you are wearing more than one bangle bracelet at once, especially with a diamond bangle bracelet, be certain that the bracelets will not damage one another by rubbing or clanging against each other.