Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets are stunning sparkling bracelets with a symmetrical design of diamonds. Originally called in-line thin diamond bracelets, these bracelets became known as tennis bracelets when Chris Evert's bracelet broke during the US Open. The match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her precious diamonds. Ever since this time, these bracelets have become very popular.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets:

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How to Have The Diamonds in Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet Look Bigger

Of course, when purchasing expensive diamonds, you want them to be as noticable as possible. One easy way is to get a white gold diamond tennis bracelet. The diamonds seem bigger when worn against white gold than when worn with yellow gold. The diamonds also appear to be brighter. Though this is an optical illusion, it is a wise way to have your diamonds seem bigger for your money.


  • Diamond Quality
    When buying diamonds in general, always look at the quality of diamonds being used. This includes size, color, cut, and clarity. If you are purchasing an expensive diamond bracelet be sure to read up on The 4C's of Diamond Quality.

  • Even Set Diamonds
    For diamond tennis bracelets, you additionally want to ensure that each individual diamond is set securely and evenly. Basically, you want to be certain that you will not lose a diamond and that the diamonds will not catch on anything.

  • Secure clasps
    As these are expensive pieces of jewelry, verify that your clasp closes securely. Safety clasps are especially appreciated as it is hard to lose the bracelet even if the clasp becomes undone.

  • Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelets
    Jewelry with many diamonds have the amount of diamonds shown as "cttw" which stands for: carat total weight. Obviously, the larger the number the more diamond weight there is. However, the value of those diamonds depends on the number of them. If your bracelet has the diamonds spread out, it will be more expensive per carat weight as the diamonds will be bigger. This is normal. Smaller diamonds are much less proprotionally than larger ones.

Popular Tennis Stars Who Wear A Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Besides Chris Evert, tennis stars such as Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams have also been known to wear these beautiful bracelets. Tennis bracelets are widely loved by many.