Gold Ankle Bracelets

As with necklaces and bracelets, gold has been the metal of choice for anklets worn by both men and women. One poet remarked that the golden color of gold often reminds one of rays of sunshine or a happy day. We certainly hope that these gold amklets bright your day!

Gold Ankle Bracelets:

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Anklets are usually created in standard lengths and a weight desired by the wearer. A stretchable anklet or one of adjustable dimensions may also suit the wearer. Any additions, such as gemstones, are also chosen for the wearer's preference.

Always note the type and quality of gold whenever you are purchasing jewelry. Unless it is labeled, you do not have any guarantee that it contains the metal gold. Additionally, note whether it is pure gold, gold fill, or gold electroplate. Pure gold (followed by gold fill) will last longer.

The amount of gold used in jewelry is measured in karats, these are expressed in units of 24ths. Therefore, 100 percent gold is 24-karat gold. 24K gold is very soft and is NOT recommended for jewelry in general.

18-karat is 75 percent gold and is popular in India. 18K gold is somewhat more durable than 24 K gold, but usually still considered somewhat fragile.

14-karat is 58.5 percent gold. This type of gold is usually preferred for jewelry as it will generally handle normal wear easily while still maintaining the beautiful sheen only gold has.