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Wearing either a single Gold Bangle or a collection of the solid bracelets stacked purposely along the wrist, you are sure to grab attention. Bangles have taken center stage as the latest fun and sexy way to accentuate the wrist without going broke in the process.


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Gold Bangles come in all widths. If you care want "real" gold rather than plated, be sure to get gold that is stamped 14K, 18K or 22K. Generally bangles are circular. Occassionally, you can find other geometric shapes like squares and octagons.

Depending on which gold alloy is used, the color and appearance of gold changes from a true yellow-gold with a polished shine, to a silvery white gold or a rose tint that appears brushed for a nice subdued effect. Bracelets are easily created in adifferent lengths and weights as desired by the wearer; and any additions, such as gemstones, can also what the wearer prefers.

Karats are a standard measurement for gold like carats are a standard measurement for gemstones. A Karat is often marked using the letters "KT". For gold, here are what the standard karat markings mean:

  • 24KT has 99.9% pure gold in the jewelry
  • 18KT has 75.0% pure gold in the jewelry
  • 14KT has 58.5% pure gold in the jewelry
  • 10KT has 41.7% pure gold in the jewelry

Of course, the higher the karat value and percentage of gold, the more expensive and the softer (less durable) the piece. Generally, we recommend 14 or 18 KT gold.

Wearing several bangles is popular and fashionable. However, the bangles will wear against each other and possibly damage each other. This especially occurs when you wear electroplated bangles. Pure Karat gold will not flake off, but can be scratched.

Always remove bangle bracelets before doing dishes, cleaning, swimming, gardening, and make up application.