Italian Charm Bracelets

Click-and-go has become the latest rage in charm bracelets since Italian Charms were introduced straight from Italy. Shunning yesterday's style of charms that dangle wildly from a link-chain bracelet, the flat, rectangular Italian Charms feature interlocking links. These sleeker bracelets are created and re-created by you by adding, removing and re-arranging the placement of your charms along the stretchable bracelet.

Italian Charm Bracelets:

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The modular charms are made of links in a standard size and typically fit well into any interchangeable Italian Charm bracelet, whether made in Italy or China.

Just like traditional charms, Italian Charms allow you to show the world your individuality and interests by snapping together charms of your choice to create your own Italian Charm Bracelet.

Invented in Italy, the modular-style bracelet generally consists of high-quality hypoallergenic stainless steel for the bracelet itself. Charms can also be of stainless steel, or often 18K gold charms are hand-soldiered to the links. The charms which make up these highest quality bracelets are called Italian stainless. Italian charm bracelets have brought a whole new look to the world of charms.

There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of charms from which to choose. Letters for spelling names come in many font designs; birthstones; photo embellished; flags denoting one.s heritage; college ties; zodiac; favorite hobbies; pets; and on and on.

It's not uncommon for a person to wear several Italian Charm Bracelets at once so no interest is left behind.

Interchangeable modular italian charm bracelets will fit any standard italian charm. This allows you a huge amount of flexibility and creativeness!

Whether you choose to pick the latest Italian Charm Bracelet or decide to wear a traditional charm bracelet, your next step is deciding on the vast choice of charms. Charm Bracelets are worn to recognize hobbies, occupations, animals, birthdays, comic figures, sports, holidays, flags, photos, religious affiliation, fraternal groups, travel and more.