Leather Bracelets

Many people like to wear bracelets and there is an almost infinite amount of styles and types. One great thing about leather bracelets is that anyone can wear one and look good. Men and women can wear them and it always looks fine. Leather bracelets are one of the easiest bracelets to wear and they go with almost any type of clothing. Some bracelets are more than just leather bracelets, they can add a watch or some other item to enhance the look and give it functionality.

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Whether leather bracelets are wide or thin, they will last for years if properly taken care of. Always care for a leather bracelet to keep the leather soft and supple. There are some leathers that are made to be tough and rough. Even these bracelets will last longer with quality care.

Care & Cleaning Leather Bracelets

In order to make leather last, a person needs to know how to take care of it. There are four basic stages to cleaning a leather bracelet. The first stage is clean the leather. It must be said before anyone does begin to clean the leather that people should work on it in a well ventilated area. How does someone clean the leather? Begin with a leather cleaner that won't strip the leather of its essential oils.

All leather has oils in it and it helps with the feel and softness. Also, don't use something with any type of grease in it with natural materials that can cause the leather to actually fall apart and break the strings holding it all together. This also can cause bacteria to grow in an around the leather.


After cleaning the leather with a product that doesn't hurt it, the next stage is to condition the leather. When conditioning a leather bracelet, use a conditioner with fats and natural oils. Conditioning is something that should only be done occasionally. Stay away from conditioners that have petroleum products. They will work but as the leather ages, it will break the bracelet down.


Polishing a leather bracelet is something that makes the leather bracelet shine. Polishing should only be done for events that might want a more elegant look. Make sure that before a person adds the polish that they test it on a small area first. This is to make sure that the polish isn.t going to clog the pores and also to make sure that the polish doesn't come off of the leather onto clothing.


The last step for leather bracelet care is protection. When a person knows that the bracelet will get wet because of the weather or location, it is important to apply a moisture barrier. When used, let the bracelet dry until the leather feels normal again. Don't ever dry leather with heat. It can harm it.