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If you want a gorgeous bracelet that won't tarnish and won't scratch easily, consider a platinum bracelet. It will sparkle, shine, and hold gemstones securely. It is one of the rarest precious metals available today. It is the perfect metal for a diamond tennis bracelet.

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Platinum Bracelets are perfect for any occassion. You can wear them to sporting events or to the theater. Though they can scratch, they are much more scratch resistant than silver or gold.

These Platinum Bracelets offer versatility for your fine or fashion jewelry because they can be stacked on the wrist to create a variety of looks. Due to the difference of cost, many people will buy 14KT White gold instead of platinum. However, platinum is more elegant and is nickel-free (if you have an allergy, wearing platinum instead is extremely important!).

Diamonds are known to seem larger when mounted against either white gold or platinum instead of yellow gold. This is due to the silvery color reflecting light causing them to appear larger than they actually are.

Platinum is a shiny, silver-white metal known to be a secure, solid metal for gemstone settings. It is 20 times more rare than gold. Rhodium, part of the platinum family, is a metal commonly used to plate silver, white gold and platinum to create a brighter, harder finish.

For maintenance cleaning, try a "Sunshine Cloth" or a 100% cotton cloth for regular buffing that enhances and holds platinum's everlasting shine.