Rose Gold Bracelets

Rose gold bracelets are extremely lovely and beautiful additions to any outfit. They are eye catching, easily seen by both the wearer and the giver and can add sparkle and joy.

Rose Gold Bracelets:

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Newest Trend in Jewelry

Rose gold (or pink gold) is gaining in popularity due to it's beautiful color. It offets diamonds and gemstones marvelously. They sparkle and shine. The diamonds somehow look a brighter white when set in rose gold. (Note that diamonds look bigger in white gold.)

Rose gold can be used in two-tone or tricolor jewelry to display the wonderful colored gold and gemstones more dramatically. It is very eye catching and stylish.

More durable than pure 24K yellow gold, rose gold is a popular choice for bracelets. Because rose gold bracelets can provide an ideal setting for gemstones or be easily attached to charms, the size and strength of any gold bracelet, including rose gold, is just as important as its beauty.

Know Your Gold

Gold used for jewelry is measured in karats, these are units of 24ths. That is, pure gold is 24-karat or 100 percent gold, 18-karat is 75 percent gold, 14-karat is 58.5 percent gold, and so forth.

How Rose Gold Is Made

Rose, White or Green Gold are created by using alloys. True gold is yellow. Every other "color" of gold is a combination of pure 24K yellow gold with various other metals. The percentage of the other metals (silver, copper, zinc, and/or nickel) produces the different shades of gold.

Rose Gold is created by increasing the copper-colored alloys and decreasing the any silver-colored additives. The beautiful resulting rose colored tint has been coveted by many including rich and famous celebrities.

Care Tips

Always remove bracelets before swimming, doing chores that involve water, gardening, and putting on make up.