Rubber Bracelets

Black rubber bracelets are often enjoyed by men as it is durable, anti-allergic, and waterproof. They add a rugged look to most outfits.

Rubber Bracelets:

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For colored rubber braclets: it seems as if everybody has a cause today that they want the entire world to know about. Selling colorful rubber bracelets is an effective, exciting, and affordable fundraising method that is easy to execute and manage. When not used for fundraising, these bracelets are used to express ones support.

People are making their passions known with these multi-colored, various-sized rubber bracelets that communicate their message with simple, easily recognizable sayings stamped into the rubber bracelet.

The first rubber bracelet that became the leader of the fundraising efforts was the yellow "LiveStrong" bracelet developed for American bicyclist Lance Armstrong, who is a highly visible cancer survivor. Pink Rubber Bracelets now abound, bringing recognition to Breast Cancer awareness, while Red Rubber Bracelets signify "Hope" for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

A sampling of other colors in rubber bracelets and their associated causes are:

  • Yellow: Cancer awareness
  • Pink: Breast cancer
  • Red: Multiple Sclerosis
  • Purple: Fibromyalgia
  • Aqua: Tsunami Relief
  • Camouflage: military support
  • Green: Muscular Dystrophy.

Other colors abound for specific causes, as manufacturers will specially craft rubber bracelets for any organization, such as high schools or college sports teams. Because of the variety, it is not uncommon for people of all ages to wear multiple rubber bracelets at one time, stacking them like precious bangles.

Whether wearing them to support a cause - or to just have fun, having a few rubber bracelets is fun. To take care of your rubber bracelets, be sure to store them out of the sun or heat. Also wiping them of with a dry soft cloth after wearing them is recommended.