Silver Ankle Bracelets

Sterling Silver Anklets are chosen by both women and men to display precious gemstones or favorite charms. This makes the size and strength of a silver chain very important.

Silver Ankle Bracelets:

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Choosing An Anklet

Sterling silver anklets are both elegant and precious. When you decide to get a silver ankle bracelet, if it is marked sterling silver you know that it is at least 92.5 percent silver and hence a high quality anklet. This will enable you to know you are buying a lasting product that you can enjoy for years.

Dressing Up Your Ankle Bracelet

Consider adding one or more charms to your anklet such as: circles, hearts, animals, stars, or even a locket. Some peaople prefer adding pearls, Swarovski Crystals, or gemstones for evening wear. If buying for a friend's birthday, a birthstone ankle bracelet is a fun gift.

Sizing Your Anklet

You always want your silver ankle bracelet slightly larger than the widest part of your ankle bone. So when you measure yourself, take a piece of string and wrap it comfortably around the widest part your ankle. That is the length of anklet that is optimal. Round your size up to the closest 1/4 inch for easy purchasing.

Keeping Your Sterling Silver Anklet Shiny and Bright

Though most sterling silver jewelry is treated with an anti-tarnish coating, it is still recommended that you store them in a dry place (bedrooms are perfect). Remember to remove your anklet before swimming or bathing. If it still gets tarnished, using a sunshine cloth quickly removes the tarnish without fuss.