Silver Bracelets

Silver jewelry, even silver bracelets, is always striking and unforgettable. Whether created as a delicate, informal Silver chain, or an elaborately etched bangle, Silver Bracelets have been centerpieces in art and fashion throughout the ages.

Silver Bracelets:

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Types of Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets can be casual or elegant, depending on the outfit and the occasion. The same silver bracelet could be so versatile that it is as ideal with a ball gown as with jeans and a sweatshirt.

Bangle silver bracelets offer versatility for your fine or fashion jewelry because they can be stacked on the wrist to create a variety of looks.

Silver bracelets are often used as the backbone for the ever-popular sterling silver charm bracelets that are worn to show the world the things you love having in your life.

Tips For Choosing Silver Bracelets

Knowing your choices before purchasing jewelry, often helps you make an educated decision. Discover the various categories of silver jewelry so you can buy a piece of jewelry that will last and be affordable.

Purity of sliver is expressed in terms of 999/1000 stamp and if this silver is used by a jewelry, this will be marked on that jewelry. But usually it is advisable not to use this silver for daily use as the silver is extremely soft that it can bent. It will also oxidize into a brownish-black color looking ugly when exposed to humidity or water or sweat.

If you are looking for a jewelry that can be used for daily purposes, the best option is sterling silver jewelry. This is made of an alloy having 92.5 percent of silver and the rest of the content as copper or other metal. The alloy is gleaming in white color and is non-oxidizing in nature. This will look better than platinum in many aspects and can be a suitable item for all occasions irrespective of age. This when beautified with Rhodium will give a glowing look.

If you are in search of a cheaper and fancier piece of silver jewelry, you can use the silver plated jewelry. But this jewelry is intended for rare use as the silver coating can peel off when used daily and when exposed to elements like water. You can even use nickel silver as it is similar to sterling silver in appearance and at the same time, it does not include silver as its factor.

An alloy copper, zinc and nickel known as "German silver" or "white metal" is only silver colored rather than real silver. This metal is generally used to make beautiful jewelry and decorative items. It is cheap, long lasting and attractive as well.

When you go for shopping for silver bracelets, it will be appreciable if you can look into all the varieties in the shop before fixing on which one will be suitable for you in terms of looks and budget and the entire process will be filled with fun. Silver and other jewelry similar to silver has an enchanting beauty and is trendy and will suit everyone.