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There are a lot of people who would like to wear jewelry. Most people think of gold or silver when they hear the word jewelry. True enough; these metals have represented luxury and glamour for ages now. People wear these pieces during weddings, birthdays, balls, and other special occasions. However, not all people can afford it.

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Avoid Cheap Jewelry Allergies

When people cannot afford things, they often turn to imitations or faux items. Jewelry is not excluded from this. There are a lot of people who prefer wearing fancy jewelry. Since authentic jewelry can be expensive, they opt for the cheaper option. But the problem is the metal used for faux jewelry, often copper, can irritate the skin. This irritation in turn brings about rashes or skin blemishes. These may become permanent blemishes on your skin. And this is not a pretty sight.


It would be nice if there were jewelry that you can wear that will not irritate your skin. It would be nice if that jewelry would make you look glamorous as well but not be too expensive. Well, in fact, there is jewelry that is very affordable and very elegant as well. It has increasingly become the most sought after alternative for expensive jewelry. Not to mention that it also has some health benefits bundled along with the glamour and the affordability. These are titanium jewelry.

Wrist Jewelry For Men and Women

One of the most common jewelry that people wear is bracelets. These are now being worn by both men and women. Mens titanium bracelets are rapidly gaining popularity among people nowadays. These pieces are a lot more affordable than gold and silver. Hence, it has become a more preferred piece than their more expensive cousins.


The reason for this is that titanium does not have any precious metal incorporated in it. It uses 99% of pure titanium which is cheaper to process. And thus, this makes the jewelry a lot cheaper.


Also, titanium bracelets do not irritate the skin. Along with other health benefits, the pieces can be worn by those with sensitive skin. You don't have to worry about getting rashes or any blemishes on your skin that could leave a permanent mark. You can wear the jewelry everyday and not worry about reaction from your skin.

Possible Health Benefits

You have probably heard of the benefits of titanium bracelets from other people. And you think that it's a joke. However, there are studies being made to prove that there are a lot of health benefits that the titanium bracelets bring.

First, they are thought to attract oxygen. Titanium is believed to pull oxygen onto the area where it comes in contact with the skin. The oxygen in turn is brought by the body to the area where their pain or that is inflamed. The oxygen will help relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation in the area. And this is the reason why people with arthritis or rheumatism wear titanium bracelets. They wear these pieces close to the joints where they feel pain or are inflamed to help relieve them from the effects of the disease.

Another benefit that these pieces can bring is a positive charge on your body. There are studies in alternative medicine that says that pain emits a negative charge. Now, titanium bracelets hold positive charges that will cancel out the negative ones from your body. This in turn will help relieve pain through the neutralization of the charges.

There is also medical research being done in the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that aims to use titanium as treatment for internal disorders like reflux. They are using titanium bracelets wound around the part of where the sphincter is located somewhere in the lower area of the esophagus. It is then tightened to keep the sphincter closed and keep the acid from getting out of the stomach. If the titanium beaded bracelet can be put around the esophagus, then surely, the skin will not have any reaction to the metal. You can rest assured the you will not experience any allergies and still look very elegant and glamorous at a very affordable price.