Brooches and Pins

Anyone who was always felt the desire or need to further accessorize is never limited by lack of variety. In this day and age, where almost everyone is constantly striving to be unique, there are millions of accessories available, classified into various types and forms of jewelry. Aside from the usual necklaces, bracelets and rings, not many people, however, have been exposed to the beauty of pins and brooches. Brooches and pins have been favored be older generations. Now, they are gaining popularity as designer fashion statements.

Pins and Brooches:

Brooches and Pins:
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Types of Brooches and Pins

Although there is no "official" classifications for brooches, many companies that make and sell them have developed their own varieties that other stores often adapt. The type of brooch often depends on the material used to make it.


For example, beaded brooches and pins are the ones made with a lot of beads incorporated into their designs. Those brooches can even be handmade as long as someone has some beads and creativity. The most common designs for this type are flowers and hearts; the beauty of beaded brooches is that they can be made to look either elegant, or cute, and thus are suitable for women of any age

Diamond, Gemstone or Crystal

Another kind of brooch is the crystal and gemstone brooch. These are marginally more expensive than beaded ones, because they use gemstones that are sometimes rare. Popular materials for jewelry are used, such as silver, gold, crystal, sapphire, and other minerals that tend to glint. Such brooches and pins, especially gold brooches, are only worn to formal events.


Diamante is an offshoot from the popular "diamond", also known as a girl's best friend. A phrase has never run truer in this case, for diamante brooches and pins are very popular because they come in many designs, from animals, to flowers to hearts and everything in between. Like crystal and stone brooches, they are quite elegant, and are usually a less expensive alternative to the former.


Enamel brooches are arguably some of the most popular brooches today. The reason for their popularity is that they are not too expensive, but still appear beautiful and elegant. What people love most about enamel brooches and pins is that unlike silver and gold ones, they can come in a variety of dazzling colors. Normally generic silver flower brooches can instead be painted in vibrant blue when they are of the enamel kind.


Filagree brooches are the ones made using fine twisted wire. The wire is twisted into extremely beautiful designs, allowing for intricate brooches and pins to be made. Often, a few gemstones are added to spruce up the entire look. Filagree brooches are known for their sleek, metallic look, but pearl brooches are almost the direct opposite. As the name entails, those kinds of brooches incorporate pearls into the design and are thus very expensive.


Lastly, Swarovski brooches are a type made using the popular Swarovski crystal, which is produced, cut and carved by the company. Brooches made of Swarovski often come in darker colors, but are nevertheless noticeable.

Themed Brooches