Animal Brooches and Pins

Brooches are significantly gaining popularity among young ladies and celebrities worldwide and they are now being used not only as clothing accessories but as hair ornaments as well. Prominent personalities are now being seen sporting a casual but elegant hairstyle accomplished by simply gathering the hair into a loose ponytail and pinning a brooch at an angle.

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The Symbolism of Animal Brooches

Because of this growing popularity, it has also become more important for individuals to wear brooches that somehow symbolize the kind of person that they are or they want to be. The demand for animal designs have risen as a result and among the most popular are dog pins, hummingbird brooches and cat pins.

Cat Brooches

Throughout generations and across a variety of cultures, cats have developed a reputation of being overly curious and unpredictable. They have also been tagged with traits such as longevity (having nine lives), independence and cleverness, which a lot of people aspire to develop in themselves as well. This could perhaps be the reason why many people who love jewelry and accessories choose a cat pin as their personal symbol. Cats are also a mainstay in spiritual and psychic tales and beliefs, which only adds to the mystique surrounding them and deepens an individual's attraction to the symbolism that cats hold.

Dog Brooches

Most people know that dogs are the most popular symbols of loyalty and vigilance. They also symbolize courage and guardianship. For this reason, dog pins are popular among those who want to always carry with them a feeling of security. A dog pin can also be the perfect gift if you want to tell someone that you are a loyal friend who will always be there for them no matter what. What many of us do not know, perhaps, is that dogs are also considered as omens of death in some cultures, especially when they appear in dreams. Those who are aware of this other meaning attached to dogs and who happen to have a weird sense of humor may choose a dog pin to defy death or to make a statement that he or she is not afraid to face death.

Hummingbird Brooches

Among the three animals mentioned above, the hummingbird carries the most spiritually positive symbolism. It is primarily a symbol of beauty, love and joy but more than that, the hummingbird's ability to fly backwards also reminds us to look to our past and learn from it so we can move towards a more beautiful future. Hummingbird brooches are therefore chosen not only for their beauty but more importantly for the positive energy that they attract and the overall positivity that surrounds the hummingbird itself. Giving a hummingbird brooch can be a good way to lift the spirits of a lonely friend.

These are just three of the numerous animal designs one can choose from, in picking out a decorative pin. One does not have to limit his choices of accessories to these three. Perhaps even one of the less popular animal designs would work best with your personality and lifestyle. What is important is that you choose the design which best fits your personality and which you can wear at any time, anywhere.

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