Diamond Brooches and Pins

Diamond is arguably the most valuable and expensive material when it comes to jewelry. Nothing speaks riches more than the big "D" word, which makes most people's eyes sparkle when they catch a look at a piece of it. Known as the hardest mineral known to man, it also might as well be called the most expensive one. They are loved by jewelry-makers worldwide because they can't be scratched (only by other diamonds), are extremely hard, and hold a polish extremely well, meaning they do not tarnish easily. They have been treasured as gemstones since ancient times, and are still popular to this day. As such, they make for a popular brooch material, and it is thanks to the immortal fame of diamonds that there are many brooch styles available.

Diamond Pins and Brooches:

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Various Styles for Diamond Brooches and Pins

There are many styles you can get diamond brooches in. The only problem is if you have enough cash for it. The most expensive brooches are the ones made out of only diamonds. Using one is already a feat, but using many means that the brooch or pin will cost thousands of dollars. Many people tend to go for the more simple styles, which consist of other minerals (usually gold, silver, emeralds and the like) and then adding a single, fine diamond in the center. Those brooches are extremely popular, and one does not think that the wearer is simply not rich enough to afford a diamond-only brooch. On the contrary, when placed with other metals, diamonds still shine, but are also able to complement them quite nicely.

Some diamond brooches use the material as lining, while others are much less subtle. There are some brooches wherein the diamonds are so small and packed so tightly that you cannot properly see each individual piece. This is another style, in contrast to brooches wherein a single diamond is already very noticeable. However, no matter what the size, diamonds still sparkle radiantly at all times. It is practically their trademark, and very few people will fail to notice that you are wearing a diamond brooch or pin.

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds can even be colored, and although there are such thing, those diamonds are usually just as, if not more expensive than regular diamonds. That is why people substitute various precious metals if they want to add more color to their brooch. Emeralds resemble diamonds, for example, and are used as a shade of green. Sapphires are used for blue, and, in turn, rubies are used as red. These gemstones, although not as valuable, still very much resemble diamonds and are just as vibrant.

Go out and pick your desired diamond brooch style today! You can be more subtle by getting a brooch with just one diamond, or go all-out with a diamond-encrusted beauty. Simply make your choice and get the brooch you have always dreamed of, so that you can attend formal events and feel like royalty. Not only will you have the jewels to show it, but by capturing everyone's attention with your fabulous accessories, you will definitely feel like a princess.

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