Gold Brooches and Pins

When looking for a piece of jewelry that is noticeable, elegant and says much about your personality, the best accessory to go for is a brooch. There are many kinds of brooches depending on the material that is used to make them, but for formal events, nothing is more dazzling than gold brooches or pins. Such a display of unique craftsmanship and exceptional material will definitely catch people's attentions. But of course, there is a catch: anyone who is new to pins and brooches is often not sure how to wear them properly. With this guide, you can learn how.

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How to Wear Gold Brooches and Pins

Brooches can be tricky when it comes to actually wearing them, because, let's face it: assume you are attending a formal event, like a dinner party or a ball. Most likely, many women there will be wearing brooches as well. The objective is for you to stand out, but not in a bad way. Commonly worn golden brooches are the ones in flowery designs. It is always good for you to wear a brooch that speaks volumes about your personality. Since it is made of gold, you are free to even wear 'cute' designs. Love music? Then, enjoy wearing a musical note. Want to look more classy? Then, wear a rose. What's important is that you don't wear brooches that make you look dated or old-fashioned. By reviving the brooch in an innovative fashion, you are making yourself seem younger and more lively.

Color Tips

When it comes to having your brooch match your outfit, it is best to make your brooch actually noticeable. A big no-no would be wearing a gold brooch with an equally gold dress. Gold brooches are often used to contrast darker colors, so that they are immediately seen by anyone who takes a look at you. They can also compliment extremely bright colors, such as white. What's important is that you keep your brooch away from outfits of a similar shade.

Where To Place Your Brooch

If that happens to be unavoidable, there are new, innovative ways to wear a brooch. You can, for example, use it to tie your hair, by pinning it on your bun. Even brides sometimes do that on their wedding day! By putting elegant accessories even on your head, you will look stunning from, literally, head to toe.

If not your head, then you can even attach your brooch to your purse (or to a bouquet of flowers if you happen to bring one). It will still be noticeable and you will be lauded for being so creative in your brooch-wearing. Other people, instead of wearing the brooch or pin on the front of their blouse, attach it to their waist to further tighten the dress. You yourself can explore brand new ways to use your brooch. NOtice what works well, and repeat it.

The best aspect of golden brooches is that they are always shining, and by wearing them properly, so will you throughout the night.

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