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Accessories are a common part of an individual.s daily get-up. Whether it is a simple watch or extravagant jewelry, we always carry accessories when we step out of our house. This is true especially for women, and where women are concerned, accessorizing no longer means just the traditional necklace-ring-earrings set. Nowadays, the brooch has become one of the more popular forms of personal accessories.

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Fun Insect Brooches and their Meanings

A brooch is simply an ornamental pin which traces its origins back to the Roman era, when people used a decorative safety pin to fasten their cloaks or tunics. As fashion trends changed, the role of the brooch changed as well and it became more and more an aesthetic attachment rather than a clothing necessity. And as it changed its role in society's wardrobe, the brooch also came to be created in more diverse sizes, designs and colors.

Among the designs which grew in popularity are fun insect brooches -- butterfly pins, bee brooches and dragonfly pins gradually invaded the market. Most people who use pins for personal decoration choose their design not only based on the beauty of the brooch but also on the meaning that it holds. Butterflies are known in ancient mythology as symbols of wisdom, and several cultures also regard the butterfly as a symbol of the soul. That is why people who wish to carry a symbol of knowledge and strive to purify their souls often wear butterfly pins as their accessory of choice.

Bees, on the other hand, carry the meaning of being industrious and a team player so individuals who love working with others, have an outgoing personality and border on being a workaholic more often sport bee brooches. Bees also represent fertility and productivity, and some individuals use bee brooches to help them keep a positive outlook and attract fertility and productivity into their lives.

Another popular insect brooch, the dragonfly symbolizes change and maturity, which makes dragonfly pins a good choice for those who are at a turning point in their lives and want to wear a symbol of such an important life event. Dragonflies are also skilled flyers who can change directions at will and can even fly backwards, so some people see dragonfly pins as a symbol of freedom and use them to signify a desire to do whatever they want and be whatever they want to be.

Moreover, the style of wearing brooches has also evolved over time. Gone are the days when decorative pins are only attached to the lapels of our suits or blouses. These days, celebrities and most young ladies wear their brooch on their hair to add more elegance to their outfit. The transition of the brooch into becoming an in-demand hair accessory also emphasized the importance of choosing just the right brooch to match your personality and overall outlook in life.

Brooches may just be another piece of jewelry for some, but for others, it is a mark of their personality, chosen for a specific reason and purpose. When trying to get to know a person, it is therefore a plus to know the meanings behind the type of accessories one loves to wear.

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