Platinum Brooches and Pins

Not many people truly understand the beauty of platinum. It is an element commonly underestimated, instead simply put aside for watchmakers to use. But the truth is that it is a fine material to make jewelry out of, and yes - that includes brooches and pins. It is normal to mention gold or silver, but what other element could serve as a fine combination of both? Silvery-white in its appearance, the metal is ductile, malleable and very lustrous. Platinum is a popular component when making the highest quality white gold, because that is what it is: white gold, with almost as much as value, only in a different color. It is very tarnish-resistant and more precious than silver. In industrial commodities, it is even more volatile than gold.

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True Elegance

Now that you have realized how valuable platinum truly is, you might want to consider wearing platinum brooches instead of the usual bead, gold or silver. They appear very elegant, and cost a lot, so that those who truly love expensive jewelry will deem them as worth buying. Platinum is great if you want to achieve an .antique. look. It looks more like silver that is a tad bit darker, but that does not make it ugly.

Platinum brooches are extremely classy and sophisticated. They are especially great for formal events, because they stand out more than silver does. Their darker shade can complement outfits that are equally shadowy. If you have platinum or white gold rings, earrings and necklaces, then you can match a platinum brooch with them.

Great Styles

Since the material is extremely flexible, platinum brooches and pins come in a wide array of designs that will fit your style. When it comes to pins, platinum looks sleek and very fitting, especially if you are following a theme such as Edwardian or Victorian. If you want to look antique but not aged, then platinum is the way to go. The same thing can be said for brooches, which will properly reflect the era you want to be a part of.


Some brooches are paired with vintage rubies and diamonds to look even more elegant. If you want something a little more colorful, you could go with that style instead. The key is to not go overboard with the design you want. Instead of picking something extremely flashy and colourful, a subdued theme is very possible with platinum and will not get bad reactions.

Much of the jewelry during the late Victorian, Art Nouveau and Edwardian eras very much resembled the brooches made of platinum today. Sure, you won.t find any designs that are too modern, but being utterly formal in a formal event is something to be praised. In conclusion, you do not have to be a fan of antiques to love brooches made out of platinum. Anyone who is ready and willing to embrace the more sophisticated parts of themselves is bound to enjoy wearing platinum for an entire night. It is a great way to be a bit more formal.

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