Silver Brooches and Pins

Everyone has their own preferences: some prefer necklaces to brooches, some prefer beads to metal, and lastly, some people prefer silver over gold. The beauty of silver lies in its simplicity: it is like a glittering white, and does not come across too strong like some gold accessories do. It is classy and elegant without being too pompous. It is easier to pair up with clothing since it goes with almost every color. It stands out, without being too pretentious.

Silver Pins and Brooches:

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How to Choose Silver Brooches and Pins

Choosing a Quality of Silver and Budget:

If you are planning to buy a silver brooch, then you must first decide what kind of silver you want to be used. Brooches that are made of 99.9% silver (also known as fine silver) are extremely expensive, but the knowledge of knowing that they are completely real is comforting. On the other hand, brooches made of sterling silver only consist of 92.5% silver and 7.5% percent of other metals, such as copper, to make the brooch more solid. Although sterling silver brooches are cheaper, they can also tarnish if not treated protectively. What is supposed to be a white and highly reflective metal could turn out a rusty mess if you don't take care of it.


After determining your desired material and consequent price range, browse through shops (online or offline) for options, and search for a design you like. A silver brooch would mean nothing if it comes in a generic design you don.t care for. The beauty of silver brooches is that they come in a wide variety of styles. You can even get intricately-carved silver roses, or sparkling flowers, depending on your preference. Choose a brooch that you yourself desire.

Sometimes, silver brooches are not just that - they are stylized and use other gemstones as well. If you do not wish to have a brooch in only one color, multi-gemstone brooches are also available. However, note that the term .silver brooch. often refers to brooches made out of only silver.


The size of the brooch is also something important - getting one the size of your fist might be a little too much, after all. Some people like to be subtle and get very small designs, while others go overboard with their brooches. Find the size that fits you, and stick with it, because it is a great way to perfect your outfit for the night.

Great for Everyday Wear

A silver brooch and a silver pin can be worn not just in formal events, but as part of everyday wear, as well. Popular designs for them include flowers and various animals. Therefore, you can wear a kitty brooch to a formal event and still be taken seriously, just like how you can wear one when going out, and people will notice it and think it's charming. Just beware that silver is still a precious metal and is thus worth a lot. Care for it and it will last.

Go out and buy your own iconic silver brooch today! You can compare it with other people's brooches or simply choose one that will match your outfit perfectly.

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