Though they don't often get the constant recognition they deserve, ears are one of the areas of the human body that deserve attention. No matter the hairstyle, shape of the face, or even the shape of the ear itself, there is an ideal earring for every person and every occasion.


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History of Earrings

Using the earring as a way to adorn the body has been documented since man started recording history through rudimentary sketches. For thousands of years, women and men have pierced their ears to display status, wealth, royalty, and basically enhance their beauty.

While the earring has been used alone or in pairs since the dawn of man, its use and acceptance has varied with cultural and fashion trends.

For instance, hairstyles and wearing hats have greatly influenced how and what types of earrings were worn.

Which Metal?

One thing that has stayed consistent, however, is that there is an endless demand for the metals, gemstones and other adornments that jewelers have used to create earrings. Gold and Silver have always been, and still are, the most popular metals used for fine earrings.

Lately, Platinum and Titanium have joined their ranks, as consumers look for something of quality and value that differs from the traditional.

As Gold and Silver are industry mainstays, so are diamonds, which hit their peak of fashion in the 20th and 21st centuries. The diamond earring, with its endless sparkle and durability can be worn on any occasion, and is seen in virtually all types of earring settings.

Like the diamond, Pearls and other precious gemstones, especially Birthstones, remain timeless in earring fashion.

Varied Styles

Fashion does, however, come and go when tracking the shapes and styles of earrings throughout the ages. Hoop earrings have always been popular, as have the simple studs that are used for initial piercing and worn by many men who choose not to scream about their jewelry. Chandelier styles and drop earrings also remain fashionable, with styles suitable for any occasion.