Black Pearl Earrings

Black pearl earrings are beautiful and elegant, and have actually been considered a symbol of grace and cultured elegance for hundreds of years. Though most people have taken a shine towards jewelry made with white pearls, black pearls are far more modern and more exquisite. Nothing completes a jewelry collection like a pair of black pearl earrings, they are look classy and elegant.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Black Pearl Earrings

One of the things that have made black pearl earrings so elegant is the fact that they are usually incredibly hard to find. While pearls themselves are rare and hard to find, the white pearls are the most commonly found type of pearls.

How Pearls Are Made

Pearls are formed when a grain of sand or other debris gets into the mouth of an oyster, and the oyster forms a protective layer around the small grain of debris. After years of forming additional layers a pearl is born.

Most oysters that form pearls form white pearls, but not all oysters will produce black pearls. In fact, some of the only oysters that form black pearls are the black-lipped oysters from Tahiti. Thanks to the limited number of black pearls found every year, they are actually far more precious than regular white pearls.

Bold Traditions

Black pearls earrings can complete an outfit like few other earrings can. Not only are black pearls understated and simple, they are elegant and very classy. Black pearls can not only make a women's outfit look more attractive, it can make her look both demure and bold at the same time. While white pearl earrings are made to be only elegant, black pearl earrings have the tendency to be bold as well as classy.

Some black pearl earrings feature large pearls, and those are the kind of earrings that show off a woman's wealth. Anyone able to purchase a large black pearl is certainly wealthy, and large black pearl earrings flaunt a woman's elegance. Smaller black pearls are far more demure, but they will often draw more attention than a pair of large black pearl earrings. Many people find that less is truly more when it comes to earrings, and black pearl earrings are no exception.


You can get a pair of small pearl earrings that come in the design of a stud earring. This is perfect to complement any elegant dress that should be worn with simple jewelry. There are also a number of black pearl earrings that come in the dangling fashion, and these are excellent to complement a seductive evening gown.


Natural black pearl earrings tend to be on the costly side, as the culturing process of pearls is rather difficult. The quality of black pearl earrings is rated by a few things:

  • Diameter
  • Shine
  • Shape
  • Texture
These are all things that you need to look into when shopping around for black pearl earrings, as they can help you obtain the best quality of pearls. You should always ask the sales clerk in order to obtain the information pertaining to the above factors, as the sales clerk will usually be able to tell you whether or not the black pearl earrings are quality.