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Chocolate pearls have recently been introduced as one of the many variations and types of pearls where the radiant-white pearl is usually the standard and the most commonly used of all types. This brown-colored type of pearl has been received with much more excitement than its other older pearl counterparts probably because of its appetizing name that sends mouth-watering signals to anyone who hears it. Indeed, chocolates have a place in an ordinary person's heart. This is especially true with most ladies. This is why chocolate pearl selling has found its special niche in the pearl selling business after only a few years of being in the market.

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Chocolate pearl earrings are one of the latest craze that has hit the pearl business. There are classic designs that are widely available and most sought-after by many jewellery buyers. There are those that are accentuated with different gems that are set together with the chocolate pearls. Although there are also some design that make use of other stones such as diamonds, the most common design is the stud that usually varies with the size of the pearl itself. Drop earrings made with these pearls have also been a very trendy design.

Available Settings

However, settings for these earrings have almost been limited to the yellow gold because of the latter's compatibility in terms of color. Newer designs that can accommodate or make use of other precious metals have yet to be created and realized by modern jewellers and designers.

Usually included in a set, chocolate pearl earrings are considered an important piece of a jewelry set, next to the necklace. It enhances the user's facial features and matches well with cream, brown, pink, grey, champagne, beige, black and white outfit.

Determining Value

Price of these items usually depends on the source of the pearl, the design, the setting and the gems or stone that comes with it. There are very rare ones that are naturally sourced and have been produced by a very rare breed of pearl oysters. Natural South Sea chocolate pearls are an example of this. This pearl doesn.t require a treatment because of its natural lustre and quality. However, because of its rarity the most common type is the fresh water cultured ones. Most chocolate pearl earrings have pearls sourced or cultured from the county of Tahiti. The Tahiti cultured freshwater cocoa pearl is the most common and most widely available variant. Most often, jewellers apply special treatment of brown dye to the cultured pearls to give it a rich brown colour and to make it shiny and sparkling. The said treatment is also a permanent one that lasts a lifetime.

Jewelry for Generations

The chocolate pearl earrings have indeed been a great addition to the classic jewelry types. Many collectors and jewelry enthusiasts have already purchased their own set together with other pieces of jewerly using the same type of pearl. It is indeed an elegant collector's item and an heirloom that can last many generations of jewelry enthusiasts.