Clip Earrings

While clip earrings may sound like the product of a bygone era, the reality is that they are still worn by women for many reasons. Those who never had pierced ears or who experienced infections often choose to wear clip earrings instead. However the search for clip earrings can be elusive. Fortunately, we have a large selection of clip-on earrings available.

Clip On Earrings:

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Requirements for Clip Earrings

One reason that clip earrings are used less often than they used to be is that they can really pinch your earlobes. I'm not particular and I only require two things out of the jewelry. First of all, the clip earrings have to be comfortable. The pain is usually great when a pair of earrings is too heavy. If the clip does not hold the weight evenly you will know it and within a few hours you will find yourself either in tears or pulling the clip earrings off of your earlobes.

The other challenge is to find lightweight clip earrings for the same reason. Many clip earrings are so ornate that they are made of heavier metals and tire your lobe. So the search for clip earrings can be challenging, but they are out there. Looking for well-made clip earrings that are comfortable lightweight and attractive may sound like a big task. However, you can simply look at the weight of the earrings before you buy them. Clip earrings are a good jewelry alternative for those of us who want them.

Styles of Non-Pierced Earrings

There are many styles for clip on earrings today that weren't easily available in the past. There are now wonderful clip hoop earrings that look natural. These non-pierced hoop earrings have rubber pads for comfort and come in a small to extra large sizes. Besides these clip on hoops, you can get studs, dangles, and drop earrings.