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Diamonds have long been a powerful statement among our society. A diamond holds the aura of beauty, power, wealth, and is often used as a tool in the profession of love. Diamonds are known as the strongest gem and because of this they are an excellent choice for jewelry.

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When buying earrings of any sort, there are many concerns to be addressed. Many individuals find that diamonds are a better choice because of the strength and beauty that each precious diamond holds. There are several different types of diamond earrings. Any individual has the option of studs, hoops, hearts, drop earrings, or many other shapes. Knowing which type of diamond earrings suits the individual is very important.

Girl's Best Friend

Iconic singer/actress Marilyn Monroe has forever immortalized the saying that "diamonds are a girl's best friend" through her amusing song and dance sequence in the movie, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". Pricey, diamond jewelry always make for a great collection to invest in. Not only does it have great resale value, one can also pass it on to their children as "heirloom pieces".

But before you start thinking about such things, why don't we just focus on the many fun and fashionable things that you can do with your designer diamond earrings, designer gold diamond earrings etc., now?

Why Diamonds?

As women empowerment has become such a "big trend", even jewelry companies are trying to cash in on these moneyed, successful women by launching special women's jewelry such as designer diamond earrings, and the very popular "singles ring", which is meant to show off a woman's financial independence and success - without having to rely on a man. Such rings come with the message that you do not have to wait to become engaged or to get married just to have a diamond ring of your own.

But speaking of getting married, while diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings are actually the norm for couples, jewelry companies have now started churning out designer wedding earrings as well. This actually makes perfect sense as there are brides who want to preserve their special day into something that they can pass on to their daughters. Getting a set of wedding jewelry is perfect for doing just that, and you can even customize the design in any way you like.

The Joys of Earrings

Diamond earrings are one of the most common choices of jewelry today. These beautiful earrings come in many different shapes and sizes. This ensures that any individual.s desires or needs can be met. Diamond earrings are an excellent gift choice for any individual in a new relationship because they hold less commitment than a ring but still give the message of adoration.

Small, medium or large, earrings will always be the simplest, easiest, and most convenient way for women to make their look more polished. This is why it is only practical to invest on a stylish as well as an equally classic pair of designer diamond earrings. Chanel, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co. offer a nice selection of chic, classic, and very feminine designer earrings. Of course, these would cost you thousands of dollars, but just think of it as a stylish investment rather than a splurge so you would not feel guilty after buying it. Also no one ever said that buying designer diamond earrings should always be from the big fashion boutiques, you can easily scour auctions, sales, and vintage jewelry stores for a nice and equally valuable pair of designer earrings, for less the price.

Diamonds Are Loved By All

Women love to wear diamond earrings and in our present time, men also had set a fashion trend to wear one. Aside from its expensive cost like any other jewelry that has a diamond, a diamond earrings is also one of the most valuable and popular gift. Diamond earrings are not only valuable because of its huge price; but because it is the stones that's most popular and sought after. And to add one is because every woman of any age loves a diamond. Woman treasured this kind of jewelry so much close to their heart, most especially if it is given by a loved one to them. It can be a perfect gift to show love and care to a mother from her daughter on a birthday or vice versa, from a grandson to her grandmother on their anniversary, and the most romantic is from a man to his lady love on any event whether a wedding, anniversary or any other event. It always brings happiness to any woman and delights their hearts when receiving certain gift like that.

How to Judge Quality

But just like with buying any other kind of jewelry, do make sure that you know what you are getting into especially with second hand or vintage jewelry. It does not mean that as long as the tag says "designer diamond earrings" it automatically means that it is the real thing or totally worth the price. Be sure to know the different kinds of diamonds first so that you will know if you really are making a good investment by buying designer diamond jewelry or just merely blowing off all your hard-earned cash on something so expensive.

Before purchasing diamond jewelry, learn the 4 C's to save yourself some money. Our Diamond Buying Guide details everything you need need to know in order to get the best value for the money you spend. Be a saavy buyer.

Caring For Diamond Earrings

Diamonds earrings will last virtually forever but to ensure that the proper shine and clarity are maintained frequent cleanings should be scheduled. The jeweler that sold the earrings should be able to offer free cleanings to customers. Be sure to clarify whether or not free cleanings are available when purchasing the earrings.

Diamonds will occasionally come loose from the casing they are in. Checking the casing frequently will help ensure that the earrings are not loose and therefore will not be lost. In the event that an individual should loose a diamond, return to the jeweler it was purchased from with the receipt and request that it be replaced. If insurance was purchased this should be done for free, otherwise there will be charges assessed.

Diamond earrings are very beautiful and sure to bring a smile to any face. Whether a gift for a loved one or merely to one's self, diamonds are always an excellent choice. As the industry has so truly stated, diamonds are a girl's best friend.