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Men often have no idea what to buy for the important women in their lives. Mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters often end up with some very strange gifts. Most women get highly annoyed when they are given an electric can opener or a new iron for their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. These types of presents tend to show a woman that the man just wants her to provide for his need rather than him thinking about what she wants or desires. If a man really wants to show a woman he loves her he should consider buying her a pair of diamond hoop earrings. A present such as this will generally be more appreciated than a new frying pan.

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Diamond hoop earrings actually can be found in several different styles. A common style is to have a simple row of diamonds inset on a hoop made of platinum, gold or sterling silver. The row of diamonds will vary in number and size. If people are shopping with a limited budget they can still find a lovely pair of diamond hoop earrings because the diamonds will be very small but put together will look like more. These types of diamond hoop earrings will either be called a channel or pave' set. The size of the diamonds will be given as the total weight in the earrings.

Other types of diamond hoop earrings are often more silver or gold with the placement of one or more diamonds at the front of the hoop. The silver and gold will usually have some type of embellishment and the diamonds will generally be larger. In fact, this is a nice way to purchase a pair of hoop earrings and still include a pair of large quality diamonds. In this case it will be very important to make sure the diamonds have the color and clarity to be solitary. Reputable jewelers should be able to discuss and demonstrate the quality of their diamonds.

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The best thing to do to care for diamond hoop earrings is to take them back to the jeweler often to have them cleaned and inspected. A good jeweler will offer this service with the purchase of the diamond hoop earrings and along with this service is also the option of insurance which will replace the diamond or diamonds should they fall out.

For cleaning between visits to the jeweler, the consumer should ask the jeweler for the product that is recommended by that jeweler and by the insurance company. If the earrings have been given as a gift the giver should make sure all the information regarding the care is given as well.

If you don't have instructions from the jeweler, you can try the following at your own risk. If your earrings are made of 14kt gold or platinum, you can often make your own jewelry cleaner with 6 parts water and 1 part amomonia. Use a very soft bristle brush gently to clean them. Often this will leave your earrings sparkling.