Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs (sometimes spelled as earcuffs) are ear jewelry that fit over the cartiledge of your ear to give you the look of a second ear piercing without the piercing. Ear cuffs are generally more comfortable than regular earrings. Though they look fantastic worn by themselves, they are often worn with a stud earring in the lower hole. Ear cuffs and wraps are worn worn by both men and women.

Ear Cuffs:

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Adorning ears has been done throughout the ages, and ear cuffs seem to be even older than earrings that require ear piercings. Many pictures from eygpytian times include ear jewelry that looks like an ear cuff. They help the ear stand out while generally being very comfortable to wear.

Ear cuffs can be plain or have a design. Some earcuffs have dangles, others boast a lizard or frog. Mutliple stripes of metal or celtic designs are also populr. Occasionally one will have a chain to attach to a lower piercing. You can wear ear cuffs singly or in pairs.

Ear cuffs are still uncommon enough to be used as a fahion statement yet popular enough to be widely available. Whether you choose silver or gold ear cuffs, they will match most outfits. Gemstone or diamond ear cuffs are much less common than plain metal with a design.