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Gold hoop earrings have always been popular, even though their diameter and weight have changed as fashion evolved through the ages. Demand travels along a wave from big, flamboyant hoops to delicate, small hoops.

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Gold hoops are timeless, offering casual or elegant accompaniments to modern fashion, depending on the outfit and the occasion. The same pair of gold hoops could be so versatile that they are as ideal with a ball gown as they are with jeans and a sweatshirt.

Probably the most common type of hoop earring is the hollow tube, which is lighter, so it pulls less on the earlobe. They are also less expensive than other designs that incorporate hinged closures. Other popular looks in hoop earrings today include heavier rings with engraved or cut-out designs, or hoops that are oval by design.

Some gold hoops are adorned with real or created gemstones, pearls, Marcasite or turquoise. Diamonds, for example, have always been one of the most durable and complementary gems used with hoop earrings. They can be channel set or hang from the hoop, and can be any of the popular shapes used for cut diamonds. Plus, diamond earrings can be worn with many different fashion styles, and for many different social events.

When gold is the chosen metal for your hoop earrings, the color of the gold itself is a personal choice. Alloys are added to pure 24 Karat gold, making rose gold, green gold, or white gold.

Gold hoop earrings are also offered in more affordable price ranges by not using solid gold. Consumers can feel confident knowing that the Federal Trade Commission protects consumers by defining and regulating products such as "Gold Overlay," "Gold Filled," "Rolled Gold Plated," "Rolled Gold Plate," or any abbreviation that fits FTC demands.