How To Keep Your Earrings

How to Prevent Earring Loss

Many people buy earrings and then, almost immediately, they lose one of them while going out. This is disturbing as it can be easily avoided. Keep your earrings by following these simple tips:

  • Consider Leverback Earrings
    Unless you have permanent earrings, the earrings that seem hardest to lose are leverback earrings. Due to the way these are secured to your ears, these generally won't "fall off" while walking down the street. It is a great way to prevent earrings from coming off your ears.

  • Secure Your Earrings
    If you wear fish hook earrings, you can secure your earrings using rubber stoppers or clear plastic backs. These small little pieces of rubber prevent earrings from coming off your ear. They are often on earrings when you purchase them as they keep the earrings on the cards they are sold on.

    For stud earrings, there is a product called "La Poussette" that will force you to squeeze to get the back off. This makes stud earrings much harder to lose. Unfortunately, the studs need to be made this way and they are challenging to find. However, if you are having a jeweler custom make a pair of earrings for you, you can request this type of fastening system for your earrings.

    If you wear clip-on earrings, be certain to put the earrings on securely. Though they are less comfortable when they are tightly on your earlobe, it does prevent the earrings from getting lost. The key is to secure them well without having them be too tight.

  • Be Careful Where You Store Your Earrings
    If you always have a special place to store your earrings -- and you remember to use it, it is much harder to lose your earrings. This means having an earring tree or jewelry box at home as well as a small pouch in your purse while you are not home.

    When at home, by always using your jewelry box (or better, earring tree), you can find your earrings quickly and easily. This prevents loss AND makes getting dressed in the morning quicker.

    When you need to remove your earrings, such as before swimming or in a salon, if you use the nice zippered pouch that you store in your purse, you will know where your earrings are after participating in your activity. This gives you peace of mind as well as a safe place.

I hope these tips have helped you!