Lab Created Diamond Earrings

Manufactured Diamond Earrings

Most of us dream of owning diamond earrings -- preferrably, several pairs of them. However, if our pocket book can't afford it, consider beautiful lab created diamond earrings. Manufactured, or lab created diamonds, offer everyone the opportunity to own diamond jewelry that would otherwise be out of ones reach. It allows us to have fun -- without breaking the budget!

Manufactured Diamond Earrings:

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High quality lab created diamonds look very similar to natural diamonds. They take a while to grow but are still much more affordable than mined diamonds. These are perfect for dazzling lab created diamond earrings. Earrings that would normally cost five times the price (or more!) are now within the budget.

There are 3 grades of manufactured diamonds: low, medium and high. The highest quality of lab created diamond looks very similar to a natural mined diamond. The medium quality lab created diamond is very nice but will not be confused with a mined diamond. Low quality manufactured diamonds are best used in costume jewelry as they are very cloudy.

As with any jewelry, make sure the stones are secure when your earrings arrives. Just because it is less expensive, doesn't mean you want the jewelry to fall apart! Also, do not swim with your new earrings.