Pearl Earrings

Giving Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are the perfect gift for many woman and even some men. Because of the wide variety of pearls, pearl earrings can be one of the most inexpensive or most expensive types of jewelry. This being said, even the most inexpensive pearls have a beauty all their own and are sure to bring joy when given to someone special. Pearl earrings will be a gift to remember.

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Styles Of Pearl Earrings

One of the most beautiful styles of earring is the pearl stud. The use of two similar pearls to make a pair of earrings is exquisite. These can be freshwater or saltwater pearls and can be any color and any size. Even a pair of very small plain white pearls will make lovely studs. Of course having larger carat pearls with rare color will be very pleasing to the eye although they will cost considerably more.

Another style of pearl earrings is the drop pearls. This style will use several pearls which dangle down from the piercing on a chain. Drop pearl earrings are a nice accent when a person has longer hair because it flows nicely with the flow of the hair. The drop pearl earrings can include any number of pearls incorporated into them. Some pairs are quite elaborate with many pearls and a lot of gold or silver. These sets are sure to draw attention to the person who wears them because of the beauty and richness.

Pearl earrings also create a very nice look when small gemstones have been place with the pearls. The creamy smooth texture of the pearls is complemented well by the cut and color of the gemstones. Using a birthstone with the pearls makes a wonderful gift idea. Any woman would feel very special receiving such a gift from an adoring man.

Alternatively, peearl diamond earrings are extremely stunning. When a birthstone doesn't match a womans normal choice of colors, the clear dazzling diamond almost always does. Such an elegant gift is sure to be noticed and enjoyed.

Caring For Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings do require special care because of the make up of the pearls themselves. Cleaners and solvents should be completely avoided in caring for pearls. If a person finds the pearl earrings really need to be cleaned plain soap and water is probably the best choice for the consumer. Jewelers can provide cleaning services and will usually inspect the earrings for any damage or loose prongs while doing so. This is well worth the trip to the jewelry store. Although the temptation to by a matching pearl necklace and bracelet may become an overwhelming urge while waiting for the cleaning to be done.