Pearl Stud Earrings

How to pick the right pearl stud earrings for you

Dressing up can be exciting, you get to mix and match clothes and accessories once you get the hang of it. Accessorizing is all about complementing one.s wardrobe so when you choose your accessories, the totality of the image you are trying to project should be visible and should be influenced by the occasion, the shape of your face, the style of your getup, and it should match your personal taste.

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Why Pearl Studs

One of the most flexible accessories that can be worn on any occasion and perfectly accentuate any shape of the face is pearls.

Pearl stud earrings are a wonderful fashion statement that can spice up any outfit from a simple shirt and jeans to a stylish gown. They bring out the elegance of those who wear it while sending off a low profile image.

What Size?

The size of the pearl stud earrings that you will wear should be in symmetry with your face. The position of the earrings enhances the middle section of your face. Oval shaped faces are best complemented with any size of pearl. As with the other face shapes, choose the appropriate size of the pearl that will best complement your outfit.


Pearls are considered gemstones that can be combined with other precious stones to accessorize a wardrobe. Pearls offer something that no other precious stone or jewelry can provide. Pearls have always been a popular choice of accessory among women whether it is saltwater, freshwater or cultured, white, black or any color.


To add pearl stud earrings to your jewelry collection, you should consider the following:

  • You should consider the luster, shape, size, texture, and color of the pearl stud earrings before buying them. You don't want to end up buying a low quality pearl that starts flaking after three days of use.

  • Pearl shapes come in symmetrical, spherical, and baroque. The irregularly shaped pearls fall under the baroque category. The round and nearly rounded pearls are considered spherical while the button and oval shapes fall under symmetrically-shaped pearls.

  • The colors of the pearl are dependent on the oyster or mollusk that produced it. Pearl color is determined by body color, which is the main color of the pearl and overtone, which is the pearlescent tint, found on top of the main color. The typical colors of pearl are white, white rose, black, cream, yellow, pink, gold, silver, peach, and dark green.

  • Finding the right color of pearl stud earrings depends on what mood you want to send off. Black-colored pearls give off a mysterious yet classic tone while pink pearls look great on fair skin tones to boost a more youthful and feminine feel. Gold or silver-colored pearls are ideal for dark skin tones; it gives the complexion a bronzed radiance.

  • Pearls produce an intense brilliance, a deep shine on the surface of the pearl known as luster. Pearls are a result of the reaction of mollusks irritation to nacre which is made up of tiny crystals of calcium carbonate. The quality of the pearl can also be determined by its luster through light reflection; the better the light reflects, the better the quality.

  • The surface markings of the pearl do not always appear smoothly. Pearls will always have imperfections such as spots, bumps, and bubbles. The value of the pearl is determined by how obvious these flaws are.


Finally, pearl stud earrings should be properly cared for. They can be easily scratched when stored together with harder types of jewelries or accessories. Avoid dropping them on the floor as they tend to get cracks easily. As much as possible protect the pearls from any chemical contact such as perfume or hair spray which might cause discoloration.