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Gold and silver is a permanent name in the jewelry industry. With great luster and malleability, these precious metals were sought after for hundreds or even thousands of years. They bring definition to luxury. Since the use of gold and silver for pieces of jewelry have been in existence for a long period of time, they are now easy to find. They all vary when it comes to the quality of craftsmanship and the purity of the metal. These criteria are determinative of the price of the jewelry.

However, there is another precious metal that has emerged in the jewelry scene today. Alloyed with a reasonable amount of gold, platinum has the appearance and luster like that of silver. It is rarity and harness makes it more precious than gold.

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One of the pieces of jewelry that are always present in every woman's list is beautiful earrings. Just as it can be made in gold and silver, earrings can also be made in platinum. Platinum earrings are now entering the scene for the impressive characteristics that it offers. It became known for its appearance, quality, durability and rarity.


As platinum jewelry is not alloyed with nickel, these earrings rarely cause allergic reactions. This means much happier, comfortable ears. Having a reaction to a pair of earrings is a painful event!


Having the color almost similar to silver but having more luster and vivacity in it, platinum is a nice embellishment to hang in the ears. The sparkle can add glow and emphasis in every dull face. Moreover, it can be a great addition to any outfit regardless if it is formal or casual. Its timeless appeal will never be a wrong choice for jewelry aficionados.


Another thing loved about platinum earrings is the quality. The platinum pieces of jewelry in platinum usually possess excellent craftsmanship. This is because it will be a complete waste if it is done poorly given the fact that it is one precious and expensive metal. In order to craft a pair of platinum earrings in high quality, the craftsman undergoes a labor intensive job. Platinum is a hard metal. It requires great effort when it comes to molding and shaping it to the desired appearance.


Durability is also one of its selling points. As mentioned earlier, platinum is a hard metal. After it is carefully crafted, the platinum earrings can be worn for a long period of time without having to worry about the damages that it may suffer. The hardness of the metal enables it to resist deterioration and damages resulting from everyday wear and tear.


Platinum is a rare metal. It may have similarities with silver but platinum is surely a great choice for those who look for long lasting pieces. As expected, platinum's rarity comes with a price. It maybe an expensive preference but it is definitely a great not only as a selection but also as an investment.

Overall, platinum earrings make a great choice when it comes to earrings. It possesses a remarkable blend of characteristics that will make it last nearly a lifetime. Take the selection of pieces of jewelry in another level and deviate from the traditional gold and silver pieces. Choose platinum.


There are many styles of platiinum earrings. The most popular are platinum diamond earrings, platinum hoop earrings and platinum leverback earrings. Each style has its own personality and characteristics. You can get something very simple to extremely fancy depending on what fashion statement you wish to make.