Silver Earrings

Silver jewelry, especially when used for earrings, is always impressive. Whether created as a large or small silver-only hoop or an elaborate, delicate chandelier style, Silver Earring styles have been centerpieces in art and fashion throughout the ages. An elaborate or overly large hoop earring is often associated with a person of flamboyant style, while more delicate choices are often seen as more reserved and informal.

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Styles of Silver Earrings

Silver earrings can be casual or elegant, depending on the outfit and the occasion. The same pair of silver earrings could be so versatile that they are as ideal with a ball gown as they are with jeans and a sweatshirt. Perhaps the adornments applied to the Silver Earring can provide a guide as to what is appropriate for the day's fashion.

Adding Stones

Some silver earrings are adorned with real or created gemstones, pearls, Marcasite or turquoise. Diamonds, for example, have always been one of the most durable and complementary gems used with silver. Plus, diamond earrings can be worn with many different fashion styles, and for many different social events.

Earrings with Movement

Dangle silver earrings add a certain amount of appeal. The earrings match and complements with almost any outfit of choice. Women sometimes wear blings, dangles and large hoop earrings grab attention and exude confidence and style. A chandelier earring is another type of dangle earrings which brings out features that frames the face giving it a beautiful angle. A pair of dangle silver earrings also lightens up the entire look of the face making a woman more elegant and fashionable. Dangling earrings are famous on how the movement of the earrings draws attention from people. This kind of movement is known to be unconsciously enticing people especially men's attention.

Enjoy Earrings

Many women feel most naked without earrings. Some women can't leave the house without wearing a pair of earrings. While diamonds and pearls are the more expensive types of earrings, silver earrings are now available in a variety of styles and materials. There are also shoulder-grazing danglers for that added drama. Men wear earrings too; they prefer simpler styles.