Silver Hoop Earrings

Silver hoop earrings look beautiful in many styles and shapes. Choose your earring accoding to what you are wearing and wear you are going. THey are very affordable and last a long time.

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Silver hoop earrings can be extrememly customizable. You can add charms to your own personal theme allowing your earrings to change daily. Choose a size that does not hit your shoulder or get caught in your hair for the most comfort. Allow for room of a charm if you decide to add this idea to your daily wear.

If you find that your earrings turn your skin green, that means you are sensitive to the metal being used in them. Often this is the nickel that is used as an alloy in the metal being used. Stainless steel always has nickel as an alloy. Usually, sterling silver (or 14 Kt gold) will avoid this problem as they use much less nickel. However, if you need to avoid nickel all together, buy hypo-allegenic earrings -- ones that are marked nickel-free.

Silver hoop earrings are often preferred by those who have a tendency to misplace earrings. They are large enough to find easily when left on a counter top as well as inexpensive enough to replace if one accidently gets lost. Using a jewelry tree is also recommended if you have a habit of loosing earrings.